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solar panel home installation

Solar Panel Arrays convert the sun's energy into electricity for your home or business.  Solar Panels are made up of photovoltaic cells.  These cells allow sun light to be converted into DC (direct current).  This electricity then gets converted into AC (alternating current), the current your home uses, by an inverter.  With this wonderful technology your home may be able to produce enough renewable energy for all of your energy consumption throughout the year.

Solar systems are an affordable option for every homeowner and business owner.

  • Solar ownership allows consumers the financial freedom from escalating utility rates.  As rates continue to rise solar customers will be locked into today's rates making your savings larger and larger as time goes on!

  • Through a wide range of amazing financing options customers typically pay less for solar day one than they spend on their current utility bill.

  • Studies show installing solar on your home is one of the safest investments you can make. 

  • Solar electricity has been the fastest growing energy technology over the last decade for a reason.

  • The system is warrantied and is built to last decades.  

  •  Financing options and low energy costs make solar electric systems affordable  for every homeowner or business owner.

  • Solar systems use clean power and emit no pollution or greenhouse gasses. It is 100% renewable and eliminates the use of fossil fuels to power your home. By choosing solar, you’re not only choosing to save money. You’re also helping to protect the environment.

  • Solar systems qualify for a 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit or ITC from the Federal Government.

  • The State of Maryland offers several incentives for homeowners who install Solar Systems. Some useful information can be found here.

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  Florida - (561)303-8796

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