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Here are answers to some commonly asked questions

Can my HOA or local municipality prohibit solar?

In Maryland as well as Florida there are no restrictions that can prevent residential solar arrays by homeowners associations.  However in certain cases such as historical districts there can be specific rules and regulations.  Solaris Solar Solutions will work with all local municipalities and HOAs to resolve any concerns. 

What about inspections and permits?

With Solaris Solar Solutions we take care of all permits and inspections!  Solaris is a turn key solution for going solar!  We take care of design, engineering, permitting, installation and inspection.  We will coordinate with you throughout the process to keep you informed as well as schedule times for installation and inspection that fit into your busy schedule.

Will inclement weather damage my system?

Of course, there is no way to guarantee weather will not damage a solar array but our systems are built to last.  All systems are designed and installed to exceed local building standards.  In the rare case of damage due to mother nature your home owners insurance policy will cover any damages. 

Will my Solar system work on overcast/rainy days?

Yes, but the output will be less than on clear, sunny days.  Since most of our systems are tie directly to the grid you will not notice any difference in the amount of energy you have to be able to consume.  Simply you will pull electricity from the grid at night or overcast/rainy on rainy days and on clear, sunny days you will over produce to and your meter will spin backwards. 

What size solar array should I get?

System size is primarily based on consumption.  Our goal at Solaris is to offset you energy consumption 100%.  This is where our Solar Energy Consultants step in.  They will collect information pertaining to your current utility bills and take pictures of your home.  From there our system engineers will design a state of the art system using the best solar design software in the business!

What is the reliability of Solar?

Solar is extremely reliable.  With no moving parts, high quality materials and extremely comprehensive warranties, including production guaranties solar is built to last decades.

Do your systems include a warranty? What about the installation?

All of our systems come with a "worry-free" warranty on the installation and labor. This guarantees that it is fully functional and installed to your complete satisfaction. The specific warranty for your system and parts will depend on the type of solar energy solution you’ve had installed.

Can I finance the cost of a solar energy system?

Most of our customers do!  At payments that are normally at or below your current utility bill.  By going solar you are locking in today's rate and getting away from the constantly increases utility rates.  Even better is once the system is paid off all the energy is produces is absolutely free!

What does a typical solar energy system cost?

Solar system cost is mainly based on how much production it will take to offset your consumption.  The more energy efficient you are the smaller the system it will take to offset your consumption.  Again this is where our energy consultants and engineers once again come in to determine you and your family's exact needs.  Contact us now for a free, no obligation estimate!  

How much will I save?  

This is completely based on individual circumstances.  With that being said we offer a comprehensive energy audit.  Contact one of our energy specialists for a site-specific evaluation of what solar can do for you!



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